Building SRILM on Windows using Visual Studio

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The SRI Language Modeling Toolkit contains a bunch of useful utilities for language modeling related research. The standard toolkit only includes build procedures for unix and Windows using Cygwin. I wanted to use the libraries in a Visual Studio project, so here is a solution and project files that builds native Windows libraries and the associated command-line utilities.

NOTE: As of Feburary 2011, my Visual Studio projects have been incorporated in the official SRILM release (1.6.0 beta). So you may prefer to simply download the latest release from SRI.

The Visual Studio 2005 solution works with v1.5.1 of SRILM. The 2008 solution works with SRILM v1.5.8.


  • Download and unpack the SRILM toolkit.
  • Unzip the below solution archive to the SRILM root directory.
  • Load the srilm.sln in Visual Studio 2005.
  • Select either Debug or Release in Build->Configuration Manager
  • Right-click on each project in the libs folder, select Build.
  • Build any of the command-line utilities you need.

Files: SRILM Visual Studio 2008 solution SRILM Visual Studio 2005 solution