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The NASA task load index (TLX) is a procedure for assessing subjective task workload. It is a time-honored procedure used in HCI for over 20 years. I created a single HTML file that uses JavaScript to administer the NASA TLX and output the results.

You can learn more about the NASA-TLX here. My web version is based on a Windows program that performs the NASA-TLX. The main difference in my implementation is I include the scale description alongside each scale. The descriptions were taken verbatim from the original paper and pencil documentation.

nasatlx.html HTML + JavaScript implementation of NASA TLX
nasatlx_german.html German translation, thanks to Christian Lehsing and Katharina Seifert
nasatlx-fa.html Persian translation, thanks to Armin Kamfiroozie
nasa-tlx-greek.html Greek translation, thanks to George Adamides
nasatlx-ja.html Japanese translation, thanks to Raku Egawa. Translation based on this paper.
Shorter version Shorter version without weighting, English and German versions, thanks to Jens Grubert
jnasatlx Java Swing version