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The images and text on this site are copyright ©1994-2019 by Keith Vertanen. If you would like to use one of my images or quote my text, please consult the information below.

Personal image use
If you would like to use an image as your desktop wallpaper or print it out and stick on your fridge, go for it! I'm glad one of my images brightens your day.

Non-commercial web image use
If you have a non-commercial web site, you may use my images free of charge so long as every page containing one of my photos contains a credit hyperlinking to this site. I reserve the right to refuse usage to sites I find inappropriate. Example HTML:

  Image provided by <A HREF="">Keith Vertanen</A>

Academic image use
I allow free usage of my images in academic presentations.

Non-profit image use
Non-profits need to pay for usage, but I promise to donate an equal amount to Habitat for Humanity. Please contact me for pricing. If you want an image for your non-profit web site, you can still obtain free usage by providing a link to my site (see above).

Commercial image use
The rule for commercial use is simple: if you're making money, I'm making money. Please contact me for pricing. Given appropraite lead time and compensation, I can provide higher resolution versions of my photos.

Text reproduction
The reproduction in part or in whole of text appearing on this site is prohibited. Link to the appropriate page instead.