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  • July 2021 – I'm giving a 3-hour master class on Language Modeling and Predictive AAC at ISAAC Connect. My session is Monday August 9th starting at 9am Eastern. Hope to (virtually) see you there! [Talk slides]
  • May 2021 – We had our paper on abbreviated sentence input accepted at ACL-IJCNLP 2021.
  • April 2021 – Do you use Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)? If so, we are looking for volunteers to donate sentences from their AAC history. See our study details.
  • April 2021 – We had our paper on midair VR keyboard input accepted at INTERACT 2021.
  • March 2021 – Have you ever wondered how the keyboard on your mobile phone works? You can learn all about it in my recently published book chapter on Probabilistic Text Entry.
  • January 2021 – Congrats to my PhD student Dylan for his first first-author paper at CHI. His paper looks at improving composition tasks for text entry studies.


  • December 2020 – Congrats to my PhD student Jiban for his paper on speech input in virtual reality. His paper will appear in IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics and was a TVCG Best Journal Nominee.


  • September 2019 – I received new NSF funding for the project "Improving Mobile Device Input for Users Who are Blind or Low Vision". This project is a collboration with Shiri Azenkot at Cornell Tech. You can read more here.
  • August 2019 – We received new NSF funding for our project "Rich Surface Interaction for Augmented Environments". This project explores how to use flat everyday surfaces for input in augmented and virtual reality. You can read more here.
  • June 2019 – My PhD student Jiban will present his paper on using speech to improve Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) at SLPAT'19.
  • May 2019 – I was granted tenure and promoted to Associate Professor.
  • February 2019 –  Are you an undergraduate student considering graduate school in computer science? I will be leading a research workshop on Natural Language Processing for Assistive Technologies at the Exploring Computer Science Research Workshop at Michigan Tech Apr 5-7. Apply by Mar 8th. Women, minorities, and underrepresented groups are particularly encouraged to apply.


  • December 2018 –  I'm co-organizing the Eighth Workshop on Speech and Language Processing for Assistive Technologies (SLPAT) co-located with NAACL-HLT 2019 in beautiful Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. Please consider submitting, the deadline is March 6th.
  • December 2018 –  Our paper investigating the input of challenging text on a smartwatch was accepted at CHI 2019. Special thanks to my undergraduate co-authors Dylan, Crystal, Alex and Robbie for all their hard work, and congrats to Alex and Robbie on their first paper!
  • July 2018 –  Congrats to my undergraduate student Dylan for having his ASSETS student research competition paper on eyes-free text input accepted at ASSETS 2018! His paper won third place in the undergraduate category.
  • May 2018 –  I will be teaching at the ACM SIGCHI Summer School on Computational Interaction at the University of Cambridge, UK. For full consideration, apply by June 1st.
  • April 2018 – I received a Michigan Tech Research Excellence Fund (REF) seed grant for my project "Automatic Speech Recognition using Deep Neural Networks". The grant will be used to develop a state-of-the-art speech recognizer for use in a variety of research projects. I am looking for Michigan Tech graduate and undergraduate students to work on this project starting in July.
  • April 2018 – I am excited to announce I have been awarded a 2018 NSF CAREER award for my project "Technology Assisted Conversations". The project will develop technology to improve the Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) devices used by people with disorders that impede normal conversation. Read more about it here.
  • March 2018 –  We were awarded a Paul William Seed Grant from Michigan Tech's Institute of Computing and Cybersystems. The project entitled, "Sensing and Feedback for On-Body Input," will investigate how to appropriate everyday surfaces, including one's own body, as an input device for interactive systems. We are hiring Michigan Tech graduate and undergraduate students to work on this during Summer and Fall 2018.
  • Februrary 2018 –  I will be teaching at the ACM SIGCHI Summer School on Research Methods and Approaches to Text Entry and Other Interaction Techniques at IIT Bombay in Mumbai, India. Applications are being accepted until April 10th.
  • January 2018 –  Our work investigating the impact of input size on virtual keyboard decoding was accepted at CHI 2018. Congrats to my undergraduate co-authors Crystal, Dylan, and Jacob on their first paper!




  • November 2015 – I'm co-organizing the CHI 2016 workshop: Inviscid Text Entry and Beyond.
  • August 2015 – I joined the Department of Computer Science at Michigan Tech.
  • April 2015 – I took part in Startup Weekend Butte. Startup weekends are events where ad hoc teams create a startup in 54 hours. My team Item Bounty won first place.
  • March 2015 – Our VelociTap paper has received a best paper award at CHI 2015. You can watch this video if you'd like to see the different design aspects we explored in the paper.
  • February 2015 – Montana Tech student Vernon Foley has received funding from NIH-INBRE to develop a mobile app for collecting eyes-free touchscreen text entry data.



  • October 2013 –  I presented our work on eyes-free touchscreen text entry at ASSETS 2013. You can see a video of our prototype interface below.
  • July 2013 –  I have released the COMM2 test set. The set consists of 1,506 communications and should be useful for research into augmentative and alternative communication (AAC).
  • April 2013 –  The new work I'm doing on mobile text entry for users who are blind or visually-impaired appeared on the front page of the Montana Standard. Montana Tech student Haythem Memmi is working on the project as part of an undergraduate research project funded by NIH-INBRE.
  • February 2013 –  I just launched an online course on the Fundamentals of Computer Science .


  • December 2012 – I'm co-organizing a workshop at CHI 2013: Grand Challenges in Text Entry.
  • October 2012 –  Our paper on a phoneme-based predictive communication aid won the ACM SIGACCESS Best Student Paper Award at ASSETS 2012. The lead author is Ha Trinh from the University of Dundee.
  • May 2012 –  I made a music video out of the awesome work of my freshmen computer science students (see below).
  • March 2012 –  Our paper on the potential of dwell-free eye-typing received Best Paper Honorable Mention at ETRA 2012.
  • February 2012 –  Our work on improving conversational language modeling for AAC devices was in an article in the New Scientist.