Mentos madness

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It all started with my first pack of Mentos back in high school. We'd drive across town to the only gas station that carried the object of our teenage gastronomical desire: mixed fruit mentos. From there things just mushroomed. If you have to be addicted to something in life, if that something is a deliciously fresh candy, count your blessings. Heck, I say celebrate. So crack open a new pack and enjoy!

Here are all the flavors I've found:

Apple, the best flavor ever.  This pack was from Russia, you can see the cyrllic lettering.

Black licource, yuck yuck yuck. Bought this pack in Sweden.

I think this was another of the black licource, just a different color pack.

Stawberry, sometimes available in the US if you look hard enough.

Very strong mint flavor, like an Altoid.

A number of different tropical fruit flavors. A little too grapefruity for my tastes.

The good old standby, fruit flavored.

Cinnamon flavor, slightly spicy.