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Wilson's Prom & Camel's Hump 

First of all, a hearty G'day to all the Morris people that are coming back online. Are your mailboxes full? I thought so... heh This will be a short one, I promise :)

View from the trail at Wilson's Prom.

Two weekends ago we left on a bushwalking trip to Wilson's Prometory Point National park. This park contains the furthest south point on mainland Australia. We numbered four: myself, Jen, John, and Art (the wonderful guy with the car).

We headed out Friday evening and drove for four hours through the darkness. The last 20 kilometers inside the park we saw probably 30 kangaroos and 10 or so wombats on the road. We crashed out in the main campground until morning. My Lonely Planet guide (the best guide books bar none by the way), put the walk at two days, with one overnight stop. Against my better judgement, the group decided to get the overnight permit to stop one campsite further than the guide said. We would pay for this later...

John, Art, Jen and myself.

The park is bounded by ocean on three sides, the trail we hiked afforded nice vistas of the ocean and sand beaches at many spots. We started walking at 8:30am, we reached the suggested campsite at around 4:30pm after covering around 18km. There still remained 9km to our site, and we soon discovered why Lonely Planet opted to stop. The last leg was sustained uphill for 5km and than sustained downhill for the last 4. We arrived completely stuffed just before dark at our campsite. We had a meal of pasta noodles and rice and hit the sack at 8pm.

Taking a little nap after the long hike.

The next day was much easier terrain, we traveled 16km to reach the car park. We send John down in some ladies car to go get Art's car from the other car park. Art, Jen and I hid our packs and took a 6km return trek to the top of Mt. Oberon (good view of all the country we had covered in the last few days).

The next week I spent doing all the school work that I had to get done before I leave today for two weeks in Tasmania. Six of us, Art, John, Johan, Dean, Dave, and myself are going to walk the Overland track ( this is like bushwalking Mecca here). With all my work done, I should be able to spend some time after the Overland track touring the rest of the state.

Keith climbing the Witch.

Oh, I also finally got to go climbing on real rock last weekend. I went with some of the outdoor pursuits people to this nearby crag, Camel's Hump. It was fairly cold and almost as windy as Morris. The cold hampered everyone's desire to climb, but that didn't stop me from getting a few climbs in. I climbed the Witch (grade 17, 5.8?) twice. The rock was so cold that the second half of the climb one's fingers were completely numb, you just had to grab on and hope you were on a hold. After a bit of trashing I made it up both times (though I blew the onsight flash when I took a stupid fall right at the start). I think I know why the locals aren't too keen to go out on real rock yet.

Well I'm outta here. Talk to y'all when I get back.

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