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A church window on the Swedish island of Götland.

Building somewhere near Heidelberg, Germany.

Ocean view out of a ruined castle on the Swedish isle of Öland.

This is the only colorful building we found anywhere in Murmansk, Russia.
The red color is from the exposed insulation.

Room filled with sand, Kallmanskap ghost town. Namibia.

View from an upper-story room in the ghost town. Namibia.

Frost covered window in an open-air museum near Oslo, Norway.

Pseudo-windows on a light house on the coast of Oregon, USA.

Apartment windows on a square in Madrid, Spain.

Colorful brick pattern of a building in an open-air museum near Oslo, Norway.

High-noon windows in Prague, Czech Republic.

Boarded up window on a corrugated iron barn. Kimberly, South Africa.

Church window, diamond mining museum. Kimberly, South Africa.

Building in Stamsund, Norway during a short blizzard.

Kitty cat perched on a window in Tallin, Estonia.

Somewhere in London, England.

Run down building with, wouldn't you know it, a window!

Windows on a building in the old town of Zanzibar City.

Laundry hanging out to dry, Zanzibar Tanzania.