Sweden: By Land and Sea

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Johan showed us around Linköping our first day.
Flowers with the cathedral in the background.

Another view of the Linköping cathedral.

Yet another view of the Linköping cathedral.

Wherever you see this sign, glass (ice cream) is close at hand!

Johan organized a sea kayaking trip in the archipelago south of Stockholm.
Art squirming into his sea kayaking outfit.

Art setting off to paddle.

The Swede enjoying some salmon jerky.

Dramatic afternoon clouds in the Baltic.

Lone kayak parked in our secret campsite bay.

Old-time bakery on a Baltic island.

Johan delivering fika to eager paddlers.

Red flower and lily pads.

Johan and Ankie in their kayaks.

Close-up of pine needles and moss.

Ankie coming in for a landing.

Still life of leafy vine on the rocky shore.

The sun sets on a fine Baltic evening.

Ankie's family needed to demolish an old farmhouse, we were only too happy to assist.

After a dusty day of work, we went for a swim at an abandoned mine pit.
Art contemplating the jump.

Art doing further jump related calculations.

Art finally jumping.

Cooking up a storm.

Johan and Ankie at a cafe in Stockholm.

Old fashioned building.

Gold crown on a bridge in Stockholm.

Close-up of a building in the bright sunlight.

In memory of Matilda, 1994-2005 RIP.